Oh yeah, let's do that!

You can do things I've never heard of and I can do things you can't do. We should talk more, meet more, collaborate more. Because nothing generates innovation than collaboration does. So let's talk!

Here are some things you might find interesting, or boring. Who reads this stuff, anyway?
I've spent the last eight years working as a director and DP, mainly while running Studio Flox. These days, I'm totally digging smart farming. On a general note, I don't work for people, I work with them. Because the magic always happens when people with different backgrounds collaborate!
I'm currently co-founding a smart farming start-up called Farmee. Head over to farmee.io to learn more, it's worth it, promise, we're currently re-inventing the future of urban farming. BAM!
Studio Flox
I've co-founded Studio Flox together with Maximilian Zenk in 2013, a creative studio specializing in stop-motion-animation and everything else handmade. Over the last couple of years I've worked for big and small brands, agencies and charity organizations.
Design Thinking
I'm totally digging Design Thinking at the moment and will be attending the Professional Track at the HPI in Potsdam later this year. So if you're interested in interdisciplinary innovation processes and human-centered-design, give me a shout!

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