Pedro can’t afford shiny new shirts. He’s living in a favela. But wouldn’t it be cool if somebody helped him design his own shirt and produced it?

Enter ARTHELPS, an initiative of creatives and artists who have addressed to the task of spotting and supporting the potential of socially deprived people via creativity. By publishing and placing their creative work, ARTHELPS aims at giving them a voice in public and effectively assist them.
So Pedro really got to design his very own shirt and you can buy it to help fund a school in the favela. 
Now isn’t that pretty awesome?
Buy the shirts here: ARTHELPS Webshop

©, 2014
Project by: ARTHELPS
Copywriter: Tassilo Gutscher, ARTHELPS
Creative concept, direction and production: Studio Flox
DP favela: Lukas Augustin
DP studio shoot: Florian Haßler
Shirt photography by: Julia Werner
Stopmotion animation: Nica Herrmann, Florian Haßler
Voice talent: Brian Paccagnella
Motiondesign: Marc Böttler
VFX: Hartmut Ulmer
Sounddesign: Gerd Böttler
Animal trainer and parrot girl: Diana Sandvoss
Chicken provided by: Philipp Galley
Additional thanks to Fabian Oswald
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