Guess what!
A colorful quiz bursting of wanderlust, taking you on a journey across the globe.

Our task: Arouse wanderlust
The brand expedia stands for spontaneous travel, exotic destinations and manifold impressions. The Air Riddles were supposed to convey just that, but at the same time function as a quiz. Not too easy, not too hard, full of hints and wrong tracks. Are you able to resolve them?

Our solution: A Diverse Collage
Exciting journeys create an absolute overflow of impressions, of images, scents and flavors. To celebrate this variety, we had to create images equally colorful. So we’ve created them out of exotic fabrics, fiery spices and gaudy fruits. Mission accomplished: we badly suffer from wanderlust! How about you?

- Client: Expedia
- Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin
- Production company: Studio Flox
- Directed by: Florian Haßler
- Producer: Sabrina Fink, Annette Schneider
- Production Assistant: Alexander Feller
- Art Direction: Irina Rubina
- Stop-Motion Animation: Alice Reily De Souza
- Rigging: Tobias Bosch & Maximilian Zenk
- Music & Sound-Design: Markus Götze
- Editing, Compositing and Grading: Hartmut Ulmer
- Making-Of: Samuel Wurster, Maximilian Zenk
- Knit-Art: Anna Brixa
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